Since 1886 Ranieri Tonissi has been the Italian leader in the sale and assistance of diesel equipment for marine and land use. Through Tonissi Power, it operates in the alternative energy market to head towards a more sustainable future.


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For over a century, we have been the Italian leader in the sale and assistance of diesel and gas equipment for marine and land applications.

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In the world of the naval industry, a point of reference for the supply of equipment and services for engine room equipment.

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Microcogeneration, Cogeneration, Biomethane, Gaseous Emissions Abatement. Assistance and maintenance services

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Ranieri Tonissi S.p.A. is the exclusive Italian importer of marine engines for leisure and commercial boats MAN Truck & Bus , of the electronic control systems Emerson Aventics, and is the exclusive European importer of surface transmissions Top System Drive.

In naval sector, we are importers for Italy of the marine engines of Wabtec Corporation, and we are the Service Center of TSI, Turbo Service International. 

We represent Renk in Italy for naval and industrial applications, Lindenberg Anlagen for onboard generators, Orcan Energy, a leading European company in heat recovery, and Hydroniq Coolers for marine coolers and shell and tube heat exchangers.

Ranieri Tonissi also deals with cogeneration plants for the treatment of gas and units for the combined production of electrical and thermal energy with ETW Energietechnik, Sokratherm, KW Energie, and plants for the treatment of gaseous emissions with ReiCat.

We manage an attentive and efficient after-sales service through our Service and Technical Departments. We have a capillary network of authorized service centers, for the brands we sell, which covers the whole national territory and, we also operate in the South of France through our subsidiary Ranieri Tonissi France S.a.r.l.. 

Our subsidiary Tonissi Meccanica Generale S.r.l., besides being the official Dealer Service for the brands we sell, it also deals with the adjustment or renewal of engine rooms following new motorizations. Tonissi Meccanica Generale S.r.l. is entitled by Genoa Port Authority to carry out ship repair works inside the Port of Genoa.

From the agricultural machinery of late nineteen century to diesel and gas engines of early twentieth century, from the steam engines of the ‘30s to the construction machines of the ‘60s, until the partnership with MAN at the end of the ‘40s: a history that develops and leads to the present day with unchanged passion and entrepreneurial determination aimed at excellence, starting 136 years ago.

Ranieri Tonissi, founder of the namesake company, starts his business in 1886 as importer of industrial machines.

In the first years of the 20th century, the industrial revolution demands and consumes more and more energy.  Ranieri Tonissi enters this new market importing both gas and fuel alternative engines.

After 1920 the company starts dealing with the mechanization in the marine field, both for big ships, leisure and commercial boats. The company can boast its experience with diesel engines. Felice and Cesare Tonissi, Ranieri Tonissi’s heirs, run the business. 

After the forced pause during the Second World War, Italy begins the reconstruction. Ranieri Tonissi extends its market thanks to the close collaboration with MAN Augsburg German firm. The company starts supplying big units – diesel or steam – for energy production and industrial equipment as cranes for ports and steel plants. 

In those years, Ettore Airoldi, new partner of Ranieri Tonissi, contributes to the change and strengthening of the Company, becoming, over time, one of the architects of its success. In the late ‘50s engineer Bruno Airoldi, Ettore’s son, starts working for the Company.

At the same time, the commitment in the marine business keeps on growing, with the supply of marine diesel propulsion units for big ships, fishing boats, tug boats, and, later on, leisure boats.

In the following years, the Company becomes an S.r.l. society and then an S.p.A.

In the late ‘70s engineer Bruno Arioldi takes the lead and becomes president of Ranieri Tonissi and, in the early ‘80s, is supported by his son Alessandro and his daughter Ilaria in managing the Company.

In the early ‘90s, medium speed MAN B&W Diesel engines start being used for marine and on-road applications. 

Ranieri Tonissi S.p.A., commercializing those engines, contributes to the development of a market which is always more oriented to innovative energies, that is to say renewable and organic, and plays an active role in a new concept of sustainable development, offering its customers ecological solutions that comply with energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Moreover, Ranieri Tonissi S.p.A. is exclusive importer of MAN Truck & Bus high speed engines for marine application, produced in Nuremberg. Thanks to this partnership, the Company strengthens its presence in the market of leisure boats and ships and in the market of commercial boats like ferries, passenger boats, fishing boats, patrol boats and pilot boats.

The Genoese Company develops over the years great skills in the field of high-speed engines, starting partnerships with the majority of Italian shipyards. In this field, Ranieri Tonissi S.p.A. not only deals with the import of the engines but also with the different processing phases carried out in its workshop: from gearbox-engine coupling to the other components assembly, until painting, packaging and shipment.

Ranieri Tonissi S.p.A. also offers a careful and efficient after-sales service managed by its technical department and boasts a network of MAN Truck & Bus authorized service workshops on the whole Italian territory. In this perspective, in 1997 Ranieri Tonissi founds Ranieri Tonissi France S.a.r.l. in France, in the vicinity of Cannes, to provide support to leisure boats in that area.

With the aim of maintaining permanent high-quality standards in its service to the customer, both in terms of technical support and of spare parts supply from its own warehouse and also to ensure document traceability, in 1999 the Company obtains the Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9000:1994 and later the Quality Certification ISO 9001:2015.

Keeping faith in its technical vocation, the Company invests effort in the constant training of its staff, which regularly attends courses held by the manufacturers and in the training of its service workshops personnel, offering courses at its own premises. That’s how Ranieri Tonissi S.p.A. can guarantee a competent and quick technical support service for shipyards and ship owners. Each boat prototype is tested during engines commissioning by the service workshop staff, under the technical staff engineers’ supervision. For each new boat (even if mass-produced) equipped with MAN Truck & Bus engines, the commissioning is reported in a document provided to the ship owner and to the shipyard.

In 2012 the Power division was founded: the Company faces in an innovative way the subject of energy in the ground field. The new division approaches with determination and success the world of co-generation, micro-cogeneration, emissions reduction and upgrading from biogas to biomethane, with a high-profile team of partners. 

In 2013 Tonissi Meccanica Generale S.r.l., official Service Dealer for Ranieri Tonissi represented brands, was established. The company also deals with the adjustment or renewal of engine rooms following new motorizations

Tonissi Meccanica Generale S.r.l. is entitled by Genoa Port Authority to carry out ship repair works inside the Port of Genoa.

At the beginning of 2014 Ranieri Tonissi S.p.A. moves its headquarters in the Naval Repair Zone.

In the naval field, the Company is responsible for the service support on big ships. Also in this sector, Ranieri Tonissi S.p.A. pays great attention to innovation and energy renovation. 

In the marine field, with the aim of energy renovation, hybrid propulsion systems and hydrogen dual fuel are under study, both for leisure and work boats. 

From 2020, since engineer Bruno Airoldi passed away, the Company has been leaded by his son Alessandro and his daughter Ilaria. 

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion”. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel