The Efficiency Company

We represent Orcan Energy AG, Europe’s leading company in heat recovery. By means of efficient solutions based on ORC (Organic Renkine Cycle) technology we convert the heat dissipated in the exhaust gases or dispersed in other procedded in the form of steam into electricity.

Efficiency Pack heat recovery system from combustion engines and heat sources on board the ship

Orcan Energy has developed a compact marine module called efficiency pack which converts excess heat from any onboard thermal source into electricity and which would normally be dissipated, for example, in the exhaust gases, in the engine cooling water, in the diathermic oil or as excess steam. By installing one or more efficiency packs it is possible to improve ship efficiency by saving on fuel costs and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The efficiency pack is suitable for use on any type of ship and with any type of engine and fuel, also the simplicity of installation and the contained volume facilitate integration on board both in the case of new constructions and retrofitting. The heat recovery system is based on ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology suitably developed to guarantee reliability and flexibility, with very low maintenacne costs and rapid amortization.