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Ranieri Tonissi has been RENK AG agent in Italy since the early 50’s for industrial applications, dealing also with naval applications today.

Ranieri Tonissi is agent and importer for RENK –Rheine –, a company specialized in the production of naval reducers, clutches, couplings and turbo multipliers/reducers for industrial application. We also provide service support and spareparts.

general information


RENK is specialized in the production of any kind of reducer for naval and industrial applications.
At the plant in Rheine the standard units for cargo vessels, tankers, ferries and support units are produced, together with high speed stationary units for turbos, pumps and compressors.


RENK couplings produced at Rheine plant are employed in every industrial field.
The product range is one of the most complete in the world and the great variety of models and options allows a vast choice of configurations for shaft connection. The high quality is a feature that characterises all the products, which meet the highest standards in terms of design and implementation, regardless of the type and size.


RENK service support is provided to customers for any kind of maintenance, repair or adjustment.
The long and effective operation of the installed systems, for which we can supply the right components and carry out check and replacement activities, is guaranteed by means of dedicated service packages.
The service support is constanlty implemented to assure the immediate delivery of spareparts and the highest standards in terms of quality and safety all around the world.